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A natural born Designer, whose skills have developed not in stages, but rather, in a continuous manner. This self-taught Spanish designer has constantly sought the perfect balance between beauty and function.  This is nowhere more visible than in his creations for the contemporary design furniture company, Capdell, where he has been producing the most striking, functional designs, since 1989.

Creator of collections which are the very personification of balance and which are the results of problem solving and which provide solutions to one of the most evident trends in modern design: the best possible use of space.

The functionality and globalisation of taste are among the virtues embodied in Vicente Soto’s creations. Nevertheless, the essence of his designs is held in the simplicity with which each piece is conceived.

Among the creations produced by this designer for the furniture company, special mention goes to the polypropylene chair collections, Regata and Novecento and the combination of materials seen in Hit, Kalida, Flick, Hol and Eboli.

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Vicente Soto

Vicente Soto
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