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1985- Rafa moves to Barcelona, and studies: "Proyectista Analista del Diseño Industrial".

1992- He returns to Valencia and works as a free-lance for personal clients and different advertising agencies.

Since 1994 he co-manages his own project with Cristina Gutiérrez (gutierrezyortega-estudio de diseño).

Graphic Communication Projects, Corporative Image, Packaging, Displays, Signposting systems, & Product Design.

1996- Rafa wins the 1st Award in Design section and he is chosen to represent the city of Valencia for the "Bienal de Jóvenes Creadores de Europa y el Mediterráneo" (Turín 1997).

In 1998 they’re selected to participate in Sarajevo in the competition previous to the “Young Artists Mediterranean Bienal, (Rome  1999).

Rafa has worked in different fields, from exhibitors design to the creation of ephemeral facilities, interiorism projects and building projects for offices and single family houses.

Lighting projects for technical spaces as well as houses. Accesories, complements and bathroom furnishings for homes and offices.

His job is mainly based on a exhaustive follow-up of all the process that take part in a new project from the creation to the manufacture, going through 3-D images, plans, CAD files, technical office, production and supervision of fast protopypes, etc..

Rafa has also worked for important companies such as:

Vasic-home • Lunyt • Swarovski iluminación • Koala • Royo • Struch • Do+Ce • José Martinez-Medina • Levesta • Manufacturas Celda • Milán Iluminación • ZUL • Wood Steel •  Buraglia • Optima-display • Capdell • Banak • Actiu • Albamobel • Dileoffice •  SP Berner •  Mestre, • Teys • Profiltek•.

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Rafa Ortega

Rafa Ortega
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